The Company

Advanced Material Simulation was created to provide solutions to a growing market of engineering services. Advanced Material Simulation is a high-tech enterprise, which has specialized media and a team of professionals whose constant goal is to provide a personalized service tailored to customer needs. Service quality is one of the most important features of the company, which involves constant improvement and innovation of products offered, with a competitive price, focusing all times to customers. We offer all possible facilities, since the beginning of the project

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We aim to be a company that makes social and business needs, technology solutions that contribute to meeting the specific needs of each company or person offering comprehensive services in order to create or develop user-friendly software, which has outstanding levels of profitability, quality, presence and influence in the job market.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to grow at national and international level with administrative autonomy and with excellence in advanced engineering services, implementation and support of software. We provide a product of excellent quality where continuous improvement in all areas, efficient and competitive management, will be pleasing to our consumers. We are committed to customer service, comprehensive training of its human and technological resources and be an example for society in regards to good service. Among other services, specialties in which we highlight:

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